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Apéritif Drink

The classics
Gewürztraminer "Collection Moelleux" 12cl 6,00 €
Verre de Gascogne moelleux 12cl 4,50 €
Verre de Chardonnay 12cl 3,00 €
Coupe de Crémant 10cl 5,00 €
Campari / Martini 4 cl 4,00 €
Kir au vin blanc 12 cl 3,00 €
Kir crémant - Cream: Bergamot, blackcurrant, plum, violet, raspberry, peach. 12 cl 5,10 €
Porto blanc ou Rouge 4 cl 3,50 €
Ricard  2 cl 3,00 €
Get 27/ Bailey's 4 cl 4,50 €
Whisky Coca 4 cl 7,50 €
Sirop à l'eau - Aroma: Lemon, grenadine, blackcurrant, raspberry, cherry, strawberry, mint, peach, kiwi, violet 25 cl 1,50 €
Diabolo 25 cl 2,00 €
Coca-cola, Coca-cola Zéro, Fanta 33 cl 3,00 €
Fusstea Pêche 25 cl 3,00 €
Schweppes Agrum, Tonic 25 cl 3,00 €
Sanbitter 25 cl 3,00 €
Jus de Fruits Joker - Orange, apple, apricot, pineapple, tomato. 25 cl 2,50 €
Carola flat or sparkling 50 cl 2,90 €
Carola flat or sparkling 100 cl 4,80 €
Perrier 33 cl 3,00 €
Pelforth Blonde 25 cl 2,50 €
Fischer Ambrée "Dorelei" 25cl 3,10 €
Fischer Trois Houblons 25cl  €
Picon 25cl 3,00 €
Panaché 25cl 2,50 €

The Map

If you are a person with food allergies, let the staff know about you. Thank you.

At the moment we are working with a reduced menu, all dishes where no price is indicated are not available.
Thank you.

Hot appetizers
  Entry Dish
Homemade onion pie with Bacon  €  €
Green Salad    
Quiche Lorraine "homemade"  €  €
Green Salad    
Hors d'œuvre Froids
  Entry Dish
Saveloy salad 8,00 € 15,00 €
and Swiss Emmentaler    
Homemade goose foie gras 18,00 € 28,00 €
Gewürztraminer jelly with dried fruit salad.    
The Vosges Salad 7,50 € 14,00 €
Green salad, diced ham, bacon, croutons, poached egg, thick cream.    
Hot Goat Salad 7,50 € 14,00 €
Green salad, goat cheese toast.    
Side Green Salad   1,50 €
Fish, shellfish
  Entry Dish
Skewer of scallops and shrimps  €  €
in a lobster swim with its vegetables, steamed potatoes    
Pike perch fillet   24,00 €
on caramelized sauerkraut with its fish sauce, steamed potatoes.    
Fried Shrimp Tail  €  €
on caramelized sauerkraut with its fish sauce, steamed potatoes.    
The Offal
  Entry Dish
Calf kidney   17,00 € 
Old-fashioned mustard sauce, homemade pasta.    
Escalope of fried goose liver  €  €
Apple "Belles de Boscop", Grilled potatoes, "homemade" condiment made with balsamic vinegar.    
Beef piece 23,00 €
Fried potatoes or French Chips, Vegetables, Pepper Sauce or Snail Butter.  
Veal escalope with cream sauce 19,00 €
Button mushrooms, French chips, vegetables.  
Calf Cordon Bleu 21,00 €
Cream sauce with Button mushrooms, French chips, vegetables.  
Sliced Gratinized Calf 21,00 €
Cream sauce with chanterelles, french chips.  
Local dishes
Roasted pork ham * 17,00 €
Veal juice, vegetables, fried potatoes or potatoes salad.  
Sauerkraut  €
Salted and smoked bacon, peasant sausage, Knack, salted meat, homemade liver quenelle, steamed potato.  
Liver Quenelle *  €
Candied onions, sauerkraut nibble, fried potatoes. (contient du laitage).  
Cottage Cheese  €
Fried potatoes, smoked ham, smoked bacon, white onions, garlic, parsley, chives.  
Pig's Cheeks *  €
Pot-au-Feu vegetables, Potato Steam, Raw vegetables, Horseradish.  
Calf's head * 17,50 €
Ravigotte dressing, Steamed potatoes.  
Bouchée à la Reine 17,00 €
Poultry, veal, mushrooms, homemade pasta.  
Meatball 16,00 €
Veal juice, Fried potatoes, Vegetables.  
Children'menu (- de 12 year) 10,00 €
1/2 dish of your choice except *
a syrup and a scoop of ice cream of your choice

Menu : 25.00 €

Hot goat cheese salad.
Vosges salad.

Calf escalope with cream sauce.
Vegetables, French fries.

Dame Blanche
Vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, whipped cream.

Menu : 37.00 € (Unavailable)

Pike perch fillet
shrimp tails,
on Honey Caramelized Sauerkraut,
Fish sauce
Steamed Potato.

Rack of veal, chanterelle sauce,
Homemade pasta.

Homemade Chocolate Moelleux
with his scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Menu : 42.00 € (Unavailable)

Homemade goose foie gras,
Gewürztraminer jelly and its dried fruit salad.

Fillet of holy stone
Fricassee of langoustines with ceps.
Homemade pasta.

Raphael Cup.
Mirabelle plum sorbet, bergamot sorbet, mirabelle flambé, whipped cream.

Menu : 45.00 € (Unavailable)

Skewer of scallops and shrimps
in swimming, vegetables, steamed potatoes.

Beef fillet (Jean-Louis style),
Vegetables and accompaniment of your choice.    

Dessert of your choice.

Reception, service, home cooking, quality products and VAT 20%.
10% included

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